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Our biggest ranking achievement 2016 {still on Page #1}

This was a huge task and a big ranking for our very own Amazon Product {we no longer sell this protein shaker}.

This took six months of Backlink building and social signals {facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram}. We finally hit Page #1

Sales went up to 10/20 per day

Cost = £0.99p

Retail Price = £5.99

Gross Profit = £5

After ALL Amazon Fees/Postage = £2

Yearly Sales = £14,000

SEO Spend = £600

Fully Automated we didn’t lift a finger only to order more – we used Amazon FBA

Do you want us to do SEO for you?

2017 SEO Page #1 Google Rankings for my clients



Google.com Page #1 ranking

“micro blading nantwich” 

Local business in the United Kingdom now getting Leads for her business.



Google.com Page #1 ranking

“wardrobe doors torrevieja” 

Local business in Spain now getting leads and making sales.

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